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We will help if your project was abandoned. By replacing the team of designers and programmers we take care of the implementation of your web project – its front end, back end, in part or in whole.
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Product development

We develop web projects that do not fit into the framework of CMS and site constructors, using instead the web frameworks Ruby on Rails and Laravel. We will host your project on partner hosting.

Front end development

Our team develops the design of interfaces and programs them in JavaScript ES 2016, HTML5, CCS3. We use PostCSS, SASS, React, BEM methodology, automation and assembly tools.

Back end development

Developing APIs, mobile back end, bots back end. We program in Ruby, PHP, Node.JS, and write automated tests using the TDD and BDD methodologies. Pair programming and code review practices are implemented to improve the quality of the code.


Car internet portal is the largest Internet portal about cars in Russia. We develop the design of interfaces and implement them in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript ES 2016. 
A framework for creating dashboard on Rails


Administrate is an open source library that generates admin dashboards for web applications. We are contributing to the project.
Administrate Github page 
Time tracking web application

Time manager

Time manager is a simple tool for time and cost tracking for projects. This is our side project that we embody from idea to implementation. 
Editor for web pages


The ContentTools WYSIWYG editor can be added to any HTML page in a few simple steps. We are contributing to the project. 

How we work

We are part of your team

We can replace any part of your team – programmers, web consultants, developers, and designers. We’ll take the design and programming of the project from scratch.

Fast launch

Launch projects as quickly and accurately as possible, creating a product with the right functionality for the consumer. Focusing on the essentials, we reduce the cost of the first version of the project, increase the quality, reduce the time and get results in the first months of work.

Develop through iterations

Work on the project is divided into iterations - time intervals from 1 to 3 weeks each. The iteration task is to give a visible result that allows you to gather feedback from end users, draw conclusions, plan the next iteration.

Hourly payment

The budget of the hours that you pay is laid down in advance, during the planning stages. Designers and programmers can be hired from us to solve your problems.

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